21st Century Parks


Dan Jones, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

David Morgan, President

Mike Nielsen, Vice President of Finance and Operations mnielsen@21cparks.org

Kevin Beck, Project Manager kb@21cparks.org

Sam Stewart, Director of Development & External Relations sstewart@21cparks.org

Toni Woodard, Director of Facilities & Hospitality twoodard@21cparks.org

Curtis Carman, Director of Education ccarman@21cparks.org

Kirk Dolan, Park Superintendent kdolan@21cparks.org

Aaron Boggs, Director of Horticulture & Natural Areas aboggs@21cparks.org

Anna Rosales-Crone, Communications & Marketing Manager acrone@21cparks.org


Parklands Staff


Water Color of The Parklands by Dan Church


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