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What Your Gift Will Do

Now that major construction of The Parklands is completed, your gift is more important than ever! Every dollar donated to The Parklands supports our annual fund and goes directly to maintaining natural areas and amenities to a world-class standard.

Recreational Amenities:

  • 19 miles of the multi-use Louisville Loop within The Parklands
  • Fully-accessible, paved trails for walking, running and cycling
  • Diverse trails for beginner and advanced hiking and mountain biking
  • Modern children’s playgrounds
  • Graded, multi-use sports fields
  • Convenient canoe launches and landings along the preserved water trail
  • Facilities for events, family picnics and group outings
  • Handicap accessible scenic viewpoints and fishing docks
  • A beautiful park drive


Preserved Areas:

  • Almost 2000 acres of forestland
  • Over 400 acres of restored native meadowlands
  • Over 50 acres of restored wetlands
  • Over 7 miles of restored stream banks
  • Conversion of almost 400 acres to support sustainable agriculture
  • Hundreds of acres of newly restored bottomland riparian forest along 20 miles of Floyds Fork

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Each gift, no matter the size, keeps our park safe, clean, fun and beautiful for all, including countless species of plants and animals now living in and along The Parklands including:

  • 25 species of reptiles and amphibians
  • Over 40 species of fish
  • 17 species of rare freshwater mussels
  • Federally endangered gray and Indiana bats
  • 43 species of mammals including river otters, flying squirrels, mink and beaver
  • 157 species of birds
  • 450 species of native plants including the state-endangered Kentucky glade cress

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The addition of these beautiful parks and trails enhances the quality of life for regional residents and helps our community and economy grow in ways that are healthful, sustainable and enjoyable. Reflecting Louisville’s remarkable reputation as a great place to live, The Parklands is a powerful vehicle for attracting and retaining individuals, families, and companies, contributing to a vibrant future for our community and our children.

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